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Gyp-Crete Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How thick is Gyp-Crete?

Maxxon will warranty as little as 3/4” but it is common to see depths unto and deeper than 1-1/2”.  The general contractor must supply mechanical ventilation and heat if necessary.* Drying times very, in most cases you can walk on the floor the same day that its poured, but it will take several days to fully dry for the installation of finished floor coverings.

What is Gyp-Crete used for?

Gypcrete is a building material used as a floor underlayment. It is commonly used in wood-frame and concrete construction forsound reduction, fire ratings, radiant heating, and floor leveling. 

What is Gyp-Crete made of?

Chemically it is made up of gypsum plaster, Portland plaster, and sand.

Can Gyp-Crete be used as a finished floor?

Gypcrete is usually used as an underlayment for various floor coverings. However, these days stained concrete floors have become very popular and people want to stain the gypcrete and used it as a finished flooring surface. The only way to have a stained concrete floor is to apply a concrete resurfacing product like Skraffino. MAxxon will not warranty Gyp-Crete as a finished floor in most cases.

Does Gyp-Crete need to be sealed?

 When used under floating floors, Gyp-Crete does not need to be sealed or primed as there is no off-gassing of VOCs, and no adhesive is required under floating floors. However, when installing tile or glue down floors it is best to check the manufactures recommendations, Maxxon offers several sealers. 

Does Gyp-Crete offer sound proofing?

Gyp-Crete is used as a subfloor for sound proofing. Gyp-Crete is a great solution to help mitigate sound transfer.




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